WorkFit Floor Mat

What do you need to make your work space even better?

The accessories available are wide and varied. Ergonomic Work Place Accessories include:

  • Anti-fatigue mats;
  • Keyboard arms;
  • IT CPU Holders.

It you can’t find what you are looking for be sure to drop us a line and we will do our best to assist.

Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat

The Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat reduces fatigue to help you stand for longer.  Combine this comfortable and durable mat with a Sit-Stand Workstation and you can enjoy even more of the health benefits of standing during your day.

Benefits of the Ergotron Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Ergonomically designed to stimulate blood circulation and prevent fatigue.

Standing on this anti-fatigue mat encourages slight movement of lower legs for healthy movement.

Highly flexible, beveled edge reduces trip hazard and closed cell construction for easy cleanup.

Specially designed composite urethane technology , custom blended medium density polyurethane outer membrane with 5 year warranty.