Ergonomic Workstations for Apple Products


Stand Workstation for AppleSit stand adjustable workstations designed with the Apple user in mind.

Apple fans are definitely in a league of their own, for many there is Apple or… nothing really.

The Ergotron products for Apple have the same high end design that you expect – sleek, functional and minimalistic. The high quality, solid aluminum construction and colour matching of the Apple products creates a seamless office workstation.

The entire Ergotron product range for Apple Products has been designed to perfectly complement the design of the Apple products while combining the added benefit of a standing workstation.

Standing at different times throughout the day increases energy, burns extra calories, tones muscles, improves posture, increases blood flow, and ramps up metabolism.

The range of products by Ergotron designed for Apple include:

  • Sit Stand Workstations
  • Adjustable LCD Arms
  • Desk Mount Tablet Arms
  • Charging Carts

Additional Products Available from Ergotron for Apple.

Charging Carts for Tablet Management for iPad® Devices that Charge, Sync and Secure. The Charging Carts by Ergotron are 47% smaller and lighter than competitive offerings and can manage up to 48 devices in one cart.

Note: Most Apple Displays are not Vesa Compatible, Apple’s Vesa Mount Adapter Kit provides a 100 mm Mounting Hole Pattern. Attach Ergotron Mounting Solutions using the fasteners from the Apple Vesa Adapter.

Stand Workstation for Apple
Stand Workstation for Apple