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Humanscale Foot Rocker FR300 Natural

SKU: FR300

$225.00 ex GST

  • Perfect accessory  to an ergonomic work environment
  • Gets the feet moving for health and comfort
  • Offers relief from prolonged static sitting
  • Enhances the experience of the ergonomic workstation

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Product Description

Humanscale Foot Rocker FR300 Natural 

Humanscale Foot Rockers get feet moving for health and comfort. Offering relief from prolonged, static sitting by encouraging gentle rocking of the feet, they engage lower leg muscles to increase healthy circulation. Designed to be the perfect accessory to an ergonomic work environment, the FR300 enhances the experience of the ergonomic workstation.

A highly ergonomic work environment is built around four primary tools – task chair, articulating keyboard/mouse support, adjustable monitor arm and task light – that work together to improve the health and comfort of computer users. The absence of any one of these four tools may impact the ergonomic benefits of the others, whereas additional components, such as foot rests, can further improve the workstation’s ergonomics. To better understand how the ergonomics leader can dramatically improve your workday with the right assessments, tools and training, contact your Humanscale representative.

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