Core Recommendations for Standing Desks

By |6th Oct, 2021|News and Media|

Standing Desks combating the 'Sitting Disease'. WorkFit-T. Recent Research sets out the core recommendations of Standing Desks and how to combat the ‘Sitting Disease’ Research into our sedentary lifestyle certainly draws attention to the growing need for change within the office environment. Too much sitting is directly related to negative health risks which [...]

Standing Desk Converter

By |4th Oct, 2021|Standing Desks|

Convert you desk today with a simple to set up Standing Desk Converter and join the growing list of Businesses (think Google and Facebook) who have already converted. There is no doubt that we sit way too much.  It is easy to say that’s just how it is and always has been.  I work in [...]

From Desk Jockey to Weekend Warrior

By |21st Sep, 2021|News and Media|

What perfect weather for this year’s City to Bay Fun Run. While many of us may be pondering why they call it a fun run there is no denying that it is a great test and incentive to get out and moving after a long cold winter. While our intentions are good, running the City [...]

A Strong Foundation is the Key for a Successful Year

By |20th Sep, 2021|News and Media|

Stay Active while you work with Ergonomic Office Solutions that support your Workflow requirements Refreshed and relaxed is how many of us feel returning to work after the annual Christmas and New Year Holiday period. While there may have been a little too much Christmas Pudding the average office professional will have been more active [...]

Is Sitting the New Smoking

By |14th Sep, 2021|Research, Standing Desks|

People who sit for more than 11 hours a day have a 40% increase in the risk of death compared to people who sit for less than 4 hours a day Feeling pretty good, 20 minute walk to work and a 30 hour workout at the gym – awesome you have hit your daily exercise [...]

Datanet Launches New Product Range

By |6th Sep, 2021|Product Launches|

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” John C. Maxwell   They say that change is inevitable and in business there is no doubt that if you want to survive and thrive you must be willing to adapt and challenge the status quo. Datanet have been serving Australian businesses for over 30 years and the need [...]