Take a Stand on Health – The Advertiser January 24th, 2015

The Advertiser, 24th January 2015 brings further attention to the fact that office workers are spending too much of their time sitting, in fact, it is reported that Standing-at-Work75% of the office work day is spent sitting.

“Occupational Health and Safety Laws require employers to provide a ‘safe system of working’ however given the available evidence, it appears that modern offices may be failing to provide a safe system of work”
Professor Leon Straker, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science

The transition to more technologically driven office environments has resulted in even incidental movement being almost removed from the work day.  Emails are sent rather than walking to the office next door, photocopying is driven from our desktop and even the water cooler is out of favour with many sipping from their water bottles while at their desk.

It is little wonder that our sedentary lifestyle is leading to increases in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. If we do not move during the day how do we expend more energy than we consume?

If you are an office worker you may already know logically that your movement is limited, however, do you actually know how little you move?  A good way to check your activity level and motivate yourself is to monitor your movement with a fitness tracker, you may be surprised at what you learn.

A Standing Desk which allows you to move more while at your desk is one component to work health and safety in the office, ultimately however we are all responsible for our health and well being.  The Sitting Calculator and Calorie Burn Calculator are both excellent free tools to provide insight into your daily routine.