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Humanscale Medlink Medication Cart

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Humanscale Medlink Medication Cart is the next generation in smart point-of-care solutions, secures medication delivery while enhancing patient safety.  Medlink is expertly designed to reduce human error and supports a closed loop system.

  • Future proof your EMR with Humanscale, clear upgradeable path to enable single dose medication;
  • Auto-Close Drawers – if drawers are left open, the system will automatically close and lock;
  • Drawers assigned to individual patient and can be opened automatically by scanning a patient wristband barcode;
  • Report available for unauthorised override events such as opening of drawers without scanning patient’s wristband;
  • Access provided through secure username and password system.

Out of stock

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Product Description

Humanscale Medlink Medication Cart delivering secure, closed loop medication systems

The Humanscale Medlink Cart offers a smart medication cart that supports a closed loop workflow system and is designed to reduce human error, enhancing patient safety.

Workflow requirements are critical in the delivery of care and medication to patients and healthcare professionals are under increased pressure, face constant interruptions and mounting workloads.

Cognitive overload can result in mistakes and interfere with patient safety, especially when it comes to medication administration with administration errors accounting for 26% to 32% of total medication errors.

The Humanscale Medlink Cart optimises caregiver workflow to help deliver medications and supplies securely, while supporting pharmacy efficiency and compliance.

Medlink Software Options

The smarts are in the software with Medlink Pro offering a complete system and Medlink Lite a great place to start with a fully upgradeable path.

Electronic Drawer Labeling

Features and Benefits: –

  • Drawers can be assigned to an individual patient through electronic labeling;
  • HL7 integration allows patient labels to be selected from the existing hospital patient list rather than manual entry;
  • Drawers may be labeled as storage drawers when transporting non-patient specific supplies or consumables;
  • Search for patients by department;
  • RFID embedded technology assists in locating each patient drawer – to the specific cart, cassette and caregiver;
  • Each RFID tag is capable of capturing the following information: Patient first and Last name, sex, Date of Birth and Patient Department within the hospital;
  • Drawers can be electronically designated as storage for supplies and consumables;
  • Software automatically prompts user to check drawer for medication prior to assigning a new patient;
  • Medication drawers have the ability to transfer data stored on RFID tags from one cart to another (either by individual drawer or full cassette transfer).

Bar Code Scanning

  • Assigned drawers can be opened automatically by scanning a patient wristband bar code;
  • Drawers can be opened and closed individually;
  • Bar Code Scan locations ensure drawers can only be assessed in a designated area when filling medication;
  • Override events (opening drawers without scanning the patient’s wristband or location bar code) are captured via reporting software.


  • If patient drawers are left open, the system will automatically close and lock the drawer, preventing unauthorized access to medication if the caregiver is called away.

IT Integration

  • Microsoft Active Directory integration, with option to set-up single sign-on capabilities;
  • Access provided through secure username and password system.

Humanscale Medlink Drawer System

The Humanscale Medlink’s modular drawer design allows customisable drawer layout and sizes to meet workflow demands.

Features and Benefits: –

  • 12 different drawer kit configurations available;
  • Notched divider design enables caregivers to lay syringes flat inside drawers while separating drawer contents;
  • Tool-less removal of shelves, allowing rapid drawer configuration based upon changing workflow requirements;
  • Transparent dividers give caregivers the ability to view medications in rear drawer sections and customise the internal layout of the drawers;
  • RFID embedded technology assists in locating each patient drawer – to the specific cart, cassette and caregiver;
  • High capacity configuration can support 32 small drawers, 16 medium drawers, 8 large drawers or a combination of sizes customised to your organisational requirements.


  • The Medlink cart encompasses a side loading drawer system that is easy to reach and ergonomic;
  • Medication drawers remain locked during transfer from one cart to another;
  • Medication drawers can be opened manually via an over ride key if necessary;
  • Users are able to make changes to the drawer configuration easily without tools or biomed support;
  • Medication drawers are made of antimicrobial materials that are easy to clean with bleach based products and other commonly used hospital cleaning agents;
  • Seamless cable management – no exposed cabling.

Future Proofing the Humanscale Medlink Cart

  • The Medlink Cart is available without medication drawers but encompasses the ability to be upgraded in the future;
  • Drawers added in the field will work either through the digital interface found on the cart dashboard or through integrated software;
  • Conversely drawers can be removed onsite and cart can be repurposed as a documentation cart;
  • The Medlink cart can be converted to accommodate laptop, tablet or all-in-one computer, with a single part swap onsite.


No matter where your organisation is in the move to electronic records management the Humanscale Medlink carts provide a clear upgradeable path as we move to single dose medication management.