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  • Humanscale T7 Medical Cart Dimensions

Humanscale T7 Medical Cart


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  • Powered and non powered workstations on wheels available
  • PC and Laptop Accommodation.
  • Effortless height adjustment and mobility
  • Exceptionally intuitive one-hand operation
  • Centralize all the digital tools of the healthcare environment
  • Optional Auto Fit™ technology and Power Track™ steering

Out of stock

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Product Description

Humanscale T7 Medical Cart – Point-of-Care Technology Cart 

Humanscale Healthcare’s T7 Medical Cart also known as TouchPoint line of mobile technology carts delivers industry-leading performance, ergonomics and durability. These sleek, innovative carts address today’s healthcare IT challenges and provide caregivers with a simple, easy and comfortable way to access technology throughout the day.

Built for exceptionally intuitive one-hand operation, the Humanscale T7 Medical Cart is a revolutionary innovation in the TouchPoint line of medical technology carts. Additional features such as the  Auto Fit™ technology which instantly adjusts to each caregiver’s entered height and the Power Track™ steering allows for virtually effortless maneuvering and complete user control. With a beautifully simple design, the T7 makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.

Humanscale T7 Workstation on wheels options

Humanscale T7 Workstation on Wheels – WOW – is an innovative, ergonomic and easy to maneuver healthcare cart for the point of care. It  comes with different variations and accessories to suit your workflow and IT Requirements.  The Humanscale T7  Workstation on Wheels is available as a  Powered and Non Powered option and is suitable for both PC & Laptop accommodation.

Seamless Integration

The brilliance of the Humnascale T7  Medical Cart is its ability to centralize all the digital tools of the healthcare environment. With a monitor arm that delivers 15 degrees of tilt and 90 degrees of rotation, and with long life batteries, the Humanscale T7 Medical Cart facilitates more comfortable patient care.

Effortless Height Adjustment and Mobility

Revolutionary Auto Fit™ technology instantly adjusts to the user’s entered height, while innovative Power Track™ steering provides exceptional mobility for easy, one-handed operation.

Flexible Movement

Thoughtful design considerations like toe clearance allow for extended comfort while sitting or standing, while PC and laptop accommodation and a gantry offer cable management while raising the monitor above the work surface.

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