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  • LX_HD_Sit_-_Stand_Desk_Mount_LCD_Arm
  • LX_HD_Sit_-_Stand_Desk_Mount_LCD_Arm
  • LX_HD_Sit_-_Stand_Desk_Mount_LCD_Arm
  • LX_HD_Sit_-_Stand_Desk_Mount_LCD_Arm
  • LX_HD_Sit_-_Stand_Desk_Mount_LCD_Arm

LX HD Sit-Stand Desk Mount LCD Arm

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Ever wondered why the price isn’t on all of our products?

It is because all monitors are not created equal so we check the details for you.

  • Accommodates large monitors, mid-sized TV’s and all-in-one computers weighing up to 13.6 Kilos.
  • 51 cm (20 inches) of vertical adjustment and 157 cm (62 inches) of side-to-side motion.
  • Increase viewing comfort and reduce eye, back and neck strain
  • Easily move to sit or stand as you work
  • Ideal for small or tight spaces, this Desk Mount folds to within 12 cm (4.5″)

No high pressure sales, just old fashioned service for your peace of mind.


Out of stock

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Product Description

LX HD Sit-Stand Desk Mount LCD Arm

The LX HD Sit-Stand Desk Mount LCD Arm’s sleek and productive design has an unparalleled range of motion to enhance the user’s experience. Versatile by design, this Desk Mount can handle large monitors, mid-sized TVs and all-in-one computers.

Colour: Polished Aluminium

Typical LCD Screen Size: ≤46″ (LCD size is approximation. Dimension is diagonal measurement of screen. LCD size may be exceeded as long as screen weight does not exceed maximum weight capacity of the mount)

Weight Capacity: 6.3 – 13.6 kg (14-30 lbs)

Lift: 51 cm (20″)

Tilt: 80° (↑75° / ↓5°)

Pan: 360°

Rotation: 90°


Extension: ≤84 cm (33″)

Warranty: 10 years

This sleek Ergotron Desk Mount has been designed to enhance productivity, provide increased desk space and deliver a comfortable user experience.

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