Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks for the Active Office


Stand Desk

The Statistics

The average Australian now spends almost 33 hours per week at the workplace, with full time workers spending almost 40 hours per week at work.

In addition those working full time in jobs that involve ‘mostly sitting’ spend an average of 6.3 hours per day sitting at work, add in activities like driving and watching TV and it can quickly mount up, so much so that it has even been given a name “The Sitting Disease”.

There is emerging evidence that shows an association between prolonged sitting and the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke and premature mortality, even in physically active adults.

A stand up desk is not going to solve all of our health needs but standing a little more each day does tone muscles, improve posture, increase blood flow, ramps up metabolism and burns extra calories – not a bad starting point.




The Solution

A professional ergonomic solution combined with education is the key to ensuring long term take-up and engagement. Stand up desks are great for activities that require high level energy like emails, reading documents and easy writing tasks. Tasks that require more focused attention like planning and writing tasks that require more room for some people are better undertaken while sitting.

Sit Stand Workstation

The added benefit of the sit stand workstations by Ergotron is that you can easily move the entire workstation out of the way giving you more workspace when required.

Productivity can be increased by simply moving between standing and sitting depending on your energy levels. It may even help decrease caffeine intake as you stand in the afternoon rather than drink the late cup of coffee for your energy fix!!

Any change needs to be managed and to move from full-time sitting to full-time standing could cause unforseen issues so while it is exciting to have a new workstation and perhaps participate in the Ergotron dance, a structured, managed implementation is the key to long term success and employee engagement.

Sit Stand Workstation
Sit Stand Workstation