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  • StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10
  • StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10
  • StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10
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StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10-1800-0

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  • Designed with embedded magnets for click in stability of Surface Tablets.
  • Spacious worksurface provides plenty of space for any Surface Tablet.
  • Weight Capacity: Worksurface < 3.6 kg, cable management storage, column <9.1 kg.
  • Warranty: Seven (7) years.

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Product Description

Ergotron StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10-1800-0

The Ergotron StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10 is compatible with all Surface Tablet sizes and models.

The worksurface of the SV10-1800-0 S-Tablet Cart is embedded with magnets for click-in stability of the Surface Tablet.

Simply place the Surface in three possible positions: left, right or centre.

CAUTION: Data corruption may occur on some external magnetic storage mediums should they come in contact with these magnets.

Highlights of the StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10-1800-0


  • 38 cm of effortless worksurface height adjustment lets users sit or stand throughout the day for a healthier way to work.
  • Position device so data entry and on-screen viewing is comfortable.

The SV10 S-Tablet Cart is designed for Healthcare

  • Small, lightweight and extremely agile.
  • Sturdy, safe metal construction; powder-coat finish on smooth steel surfaces.
  • Super easy to keep clean.
  • Includes dual-wheel, 7.6 cm rubber casters, two casters can be locked.
  • Storage area provided for cables and power sources.
  • Includes scanner holder; integrated T-slot accepts additional StyleView accessories and add-on power solutions.
  • Three support options available for tablet cart model.
  • 7-year warranty.

Specifications of the StyleView S-Tablet Cart SV10-1800-0

  • Includes worksurface with embedded magnets, cable/brick storage compartment, storage hook, 75 mm casters.
  • Weight capacity: Worksurface <3.6 kg, cable management storage < 1kg; column <9.1 kg including accessories added to t-slot channel interface and storage hook.
  • Minimum worksurface height = 84 cm; maximum worksurface height = 122 cm.
  • Worksurface dimensions 54 cm x 43 cm.
  • Cable management storage area beneath worksurface for power brick and excess cable or power strip: 36.8 x 7 cm.
  • Base footprint dimensions: 48.3 x 48.3 cm.
  • Power coat finish on steel surfaces.

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