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  • Humanscale T7 Medical Cart Computer
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    Humanscale T7 Medical Cart


    • Powered and non powered workstations on wheels available
    • PC and Laptop Accommodation.
    • Effortless height adjustment and mobility
    • Exceptionally intuitive one-hand operation
    • Centralize all the digital tools of the healthcare environment
    • Optional Auto Fit™ technology and Power Track™ steering
  • Humanscale MedLink Cart High Capacity
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    Humanscale Medlink Medication Cart is the next generation in smart point-of-care solutions, secures medication delivery while enhancing patient safety.  Medlink is expertly designed to reduce human error and supports a closed loop system.
    • Future proof your EMR with Humanscale, clear upgradeable path to enable single dose medication;
    • Auto-Close Drawers - if drawers are left open, the system will automatically close and lock;
    • Drawers assigned to individual patient and can be opened automatically by scanning a patient wristband barcode;
    • Report available for unauthorised override events such as opening of drawers without scanning patient's wristband;
    • Access provided through secure username and password system.