What perfect weather for this year’s City to Bay Fun Run.

While many of us may be pondering why they call it a fun run there is no denying that it is a great test and incentive to get out and moving after a long cold winter.

While our intentions are good, running the City to Bay and exercise in general, can sometimes leave us a little stiff and sore.

As a true believer that everything is connected, it is easy to see why many of us desk-bound office jockeys feel the affects of exercise a little more acutely than our more mobile counterparts.

What’s the link between stiffness when exercising and sitting all day?

Quite alarmingly, sitting at your desk can contribute to the breaking down of tissues (catabolism) and the deterioration of our spine health.

The longer we sit the more our hip muscles tighten from the lack of movement affecting our flexibility, mobility and joint health. The flexibility in our hips is essential for feeling good when exercising – hence the back pain and general tightness.  When we set out on our run (or workout) instead of the flexibility coming from our hips we tend to move more from the spine.

We all know someone who has set out for a seemingly innocuous walk or run on the weekend and snap goes the hamstring or they spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch with a sore back.

It’s not that we are unfit, it’s more the case that many of us are as tight as a spring from our muscles having shortened from sitting all day.

To help bridge the gap between desk jockey and weekend warrior here are some simple steps that can be put in place: –

  1. For every thirty minutes of sitting stand for 5 minutes. This creates enough of a stimulus to prevent catabolism;
  2. Stretch in general, but in particular your hip flexor (easy to do at a standing desk while checking your emails);
  3. Invest is a good quality anti-fatigue mat which stimulates slight movement of lower legs for circulation when standing.


While the City to Bay Fun Run may be over for another year the question is whether we are ready to make the changes to enhance our fitness and bridge the gap between desk jockey and weekend warrior – my goal next year, sub 60 – what’s yours?