“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

John C. Maxwell


WorkFit-A, Sit-Stand Workstation for AppleThey say that change is inevitable and in business there is no doubt that if you want to survive and thrive you must be willing to adapt and challenge the status quo.

Datanet have been serving Australian businesses for over 30 years and the need to constantly improve has remained a stable force.

The ever increasing reliance on technology across all industries, from in the field remote locations to high rise office buildings, has changed how we operate and interact in our work environment.

Even walking to the photocopier is not the necessity that it once was, we file electronically, have green policies and only print when we have to, we send emails rather than walk, everything is at our fingertips – and we can get a lot done fast!!

While these changes have resulted in increased productivity and efficiencies it is now time to address the challenges that the changed dynamics has introduced.

The Milken Institute study highlights that there is a direct link between spikes in technology adoption and subsequent increases in obesity rates. While Australia has fortunately lagged behind in these stats compared to other first world countries (In 2012, 24.5 percent of Australian adults were obese,) obesity rates in Australia are now climbing faster than anywhere else in the world with 63 percent of the adult population now overweight, putting us on par with the United States.

While each of us have a responsibility to our own health and well-being there is no doubt that a work environment that places an emphasis on their employee’s well-being and promotes a health conscious culture will reap the rewards of a more productive, engaged and creative workforce.

Datanet are excited to bring to new and existing customers a range of professional ergonomic solutions, which, when integrated with technology the possibilities are endless.